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Soft portraits with Procreate class

What is a soft portrait? It’s a portrait made with flat shapes, where we smudge the edges to get a soft look. The ‘Soft Portraits with Procreate’ class is available here.

What’s in My Treasure Chest for You

Over 100 Copyright-Free Reference Photos: Choose one, follow along with mine, or use a personal treasure. The point is, you have choices, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Technique Unleashed: We’ll start with the basics – tracing shapes on the photos. But then, gears switch as we delve into values and fill those shapes like the masters we are.

Color Palette Alchemy: Oh, the colors! We’ll dive deep into selecting those perfect hues that speak directly to the soul of your portrait.

Line Art Love: Integrate your lines seamlessly. They’re the quiet heroes that hold the story together.

Edge Play: Smudging edges, playing with lost and find lines – the details that breathe life into your work.

Soft Portraits with Procreate course

Pouring My Expertise Right into Your Artistic Cup

I’m not just an artist; I’m a tireless learner, forever curious about this splendid digital canvas we call Procreate. My experience and love for teaching are at the core of this course. It’s designed to kindle your own curiosity and elevate your digital portraits to levels that will not only satisfy your creative itch but garner Instagram hearts and awe-inspired gazes from friends and clients alike!

Soft Portraits with Procreate course

What students say about the class:

Great workshop / tutorial. My first on Skillshare. The instructor was very clear & easy to follow, I can’t wait to complete more of her lessons!

Cecile! I’m always so impressed by the techniques you show and how polished the final image is. I can’t wait to get started on this kind of portrait!

I liked watching Cécile trace and draw and work with colours. It looks like it’s quite easy to do, with a great effect! There were some interesting things for me to see, like importing the colour palette from a photo. I am new to Procreate, and I couldn’t follow along with everything, but it was still interesting enough!

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