Flat illustration 5 styles with Procreate class is available here on Skillshare and in Udemy here, and you can get 14 days free access on Skillshare with this link!

In this class I will show you how to make flat illustrations with Procreate, but you can follow along with another digital software as well.

This class is meant for beginners, as you don’t need any drawing skills to achieve a beautiful illustration with a great impact.

The class is made with illustrations of women, but you can select any kind of photo to work with.

We will first select a picture, I’ll give you sources and tips for this, then choose between five styles:

– totally flat with minimum details and shadows, this will be our foundation for all other styles where we will trace over the photo, select our colors, fill the shapes

– flat with details and shadows, we will be more detailed in our drawing for a different effect

– then we will add patterns in our shapes so we can add another dimension to our illustration

– we will play with overlapping shapes, giving a dark edge between them

– and in the last style we will add gaps between shapes ofr a slightly different look

I hope you’ll enjoy this class!