Digital mixed media portrait class

In this online class I will show you how to make digital mixed media portraits from different photos, using Procreate. You can follow along with another app if you prefer. 

‘Digital mixed media portrait’ class with Procreate is available on Skillshare, and you can get a 14 days free trial with the link. The class is also available on demand here.

We will discuss about values, then we will select some geographic maps to use in our portrait

Then I will show you where to find valuable maps and portraits reference photo. I have gathered a Pinterest board with a ton of copyright free images where you can pick up one and begin. 

We will apply the same technique with vintage papers, and I have scanned for you French vintage papers to use in your art. 

Then we will add details with minimal drawing and effects.


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What students say about the class:

Fun class! I enjoyed it very much and will definitely make more portraits with this technique

Thank you very much for teaching us this process. I love it. As a beginner to drawing, it is helping me improve. I love that each time I work with an image, I begin to better see the values as the “new” version adds life and texture to the portrait. Very fun class and process. Thanks again.

Great teacher and such an exciting class with a bit of imagination you can do loads of things with this knowledge.

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