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Digital mixed media portrait class

In this online class, I will show you how to make digital mixed-media portraits from different photos using Procreate. You can follow along with another app if you prefer. 

‘Digital mixed media portrait’ class with Procreate is available at my art school.

In an age where digital art is continuously evolving, finding a fresh, distinctive path can feel like navigating through a crowded city with a blindfold. But what if I told you there’s a map to guide you through? It is not just any map but a creative expedition that weaves the rich textures of the old world into the vibrant, limitless canvas of digital art. This is your invitation to embark on this journey with me, Cécile Yadro, in my online course: “Digital Mixed Media Portraits with Procreate.”

Digital Mixed media with Procreate Course

Why Mixed Media Portraits?

In my quest to break the traditional boundaries of digital art, I discovered the profound impact of incorporating unexpected elements into portrait work. Imagine the stories a single geographic map could tell, or the history ingrained in a piece of vintage French paper. These are not merely materials; they are narratives waiting to be intertwined with the modern digital portrait, providing a depth and richness that’s truly unparalleled.

Digital Mixed media with Procreate Course

What Sets This Course Apart?

This isn’t just another Procreate tutorial. It’s a doorway to mastering the art of digital mixed media, an opportunity to:

Explore the Unexplored: Delve into the unique combination of geography and portraiture and bring to life the stories hidden within maps and vintage papers.
Expand Your Skillset: Through step-by-step guidance, learn to navigate Procreate like never before, employing techniques that promise to redefine the standards of digital portraiture.
Access Exclusive Resources: Benefit from a handpicked Pinterest board, loaded with copyright-free images, and get exclusive access to scanned French vintage papers—a treasure trove for any artist.

Digital Mixed media with Procreate Course

Who Is This Course For?

Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to expand your digital horizons or a budding creator in search of your signature style, this course offers something for everyone. It is meticulously designed not just to teach but to inspire—to encourage you to experiment and blend eras, mediums, and stories.

Journey With Me

I bring to this course not only my passion for digital art but also years of exploration and learning within Procreate. Together, we’ll dive deep into the techniques, discovering not just how to apply them, but how to weave emotion and narrative into every portrait we create.

Digital Mixed media with Procreate Course

What students say about the class:

Fun class! I enjoyed it very much and will make more portraits with this technique

Thank you very much for teaching us this process. I love it. As a beginner to drawing, it is helping me improve. I love that each time I work with an image, I begin to see the values better as the “new” version adds life and texture to the portrait. Very fun class and process. Thanks again.

Great teacher and such an exciting class with a bit of imagination you can do loads of things with this knowledge.

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