My favorite gouache supplies

As we don’t all have the same budget and needs, you have three options for each:
Beginner, medium, and advanced, from left to right.

Watercolor Journal

This one has a watercolor paper 300 gsm, cold press, 24 pages, with an elastic band. Perfect for plein air.

Stilman & Birn Zeta Series

Softcover, very soft paper, almost like bristol, white paper, 270 gsm, a strong binding that allows you to paint across two pages and stays flat open.

Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook

A large sketchbook, A4 size, 48 pages, watercolor paper 300 gsm, a bit of texture, I love it!

Arteza set of 24 colors

Yes, it’s a lot of colors, but as a beginner, you’ll love it. Good quality for a student’s grade and is a good price too.

Holbein primary set

Only 5 colors, as it’s time to learn how to mix yours. Artist quality, a good price for the quality. My paint review.

Holbein full primaries set

Now you have warm and cool primary colors, plus a lot of white for mixes and burnt umber for convenience color. Ready-made sets are not ideal, so I made one just for you!

Synthetic brushes

You don’t need expensive brushes for gouache. This set has all you need: flat and rounded, large and small. Read more.

Airtight palette

You can squeeze gouache inside this airtight palette to keep your paint fresh and creamy. Read more.

Dorlands wax medium

To protect your gouache paintings from humidity and dust, if you hang them on the wall. Read more.

Transfer paper

Because sometimes you don’t want to draw, but just paint. This paper works beautifully. Read more.

Waterproof pens

These pens come in different sizes and the nib doesn’t get clogged when drawing on top of gouache. Perfect!

Tube squeezer

The perfect tool to get the most of your paint tubes, because you don’t want to waste any single drop! is an Amazon Associate. As an Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We also maintain affiliate relationships with other companies. Purchases made through affiliate links pay us a commission but do not increase the cost to the buyer. For a full list, read our affiliate disclosure statement.