Using an airtight palette for gouache painting

Using an airtight palette for three years now, let me explain how useful it is!

What is it?

This is small plastic box, with a silicone lid, and secure clips to close the box.

It’s completely secure, you can store liquid inside and it won’t move.

It’s 16,5 by 7 cm, with 24 small boxes.

If you click on the image you’ll go directly to the page where to buy it, and I’ll get a tiny commission. 

Why using an airtight palette?

To avoid waste

I always squeeze too much paint from a tube and as I like to use the fresh paint, I have to throw away the leftovers on my palette. This way I can take just a small amount of paint with a brush or a palette knife.

To go plein air

Perfect way to store your paint so it doesn’t dry.

You don’t need to carry all your gouache tubes, it’s less heavy in your bag!

To save money

I’m painting daily with gouache, so I use a lot of paint! I even buy the white gouache in one liter bottle. So I fill my container with paint and refill it as needed. It’s a great way to save money!

How I use my airtight palette?

The first thing is to fill it.

Approximately you’ll fill a box with a gouache tube paint.

Just think ahead how you’ll arrange your colors and place them in the order that suits you.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and don’t place black next to white (or it will cross-contaminate!)

How to maintain your airtight palette

Between two painting sessions, I store my airtight palette in the fridge. So it’s in the dark, no sunlight on it, it’s always the same temperate.

Once a week I spray it with tap water. If you’re living in a hot humid weather, you may want to use water with a tiny bit of alcohol to prevent moulding.

From time to time you’ll need to clean up the little boxes, use a paper clip or a toothpick for this.

So, are you ready to use an airtight palette for gouache painting?