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Gouache landscapes for beginners

In this class you will learn how to make a gouache landscape from a photography. Gouache landscapes for beginners is available on my Art School. 

If you are a beginner please follow along, and if you already use gouache, you can go directly to the second landscape if you wish.

I will guide you through :

-supplies and materials, including tips to avoid wasting paint

– how to select a good photo

– once you have selected it, how to pick up your colors


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– a very simple landscape to begin with step by step instructions


Then another landscape, a bit more tricky so we can learn different techniques with gouache


I will  give you all my tips and tricks along the class

What students say about the class:

Cecile does a good job instructing about necessary steps prior to painting: observations to determine color and planning how to execute the composition. I enjoyed painting along with her on the two sample subjects and learned from her tips presented during the process.


Art With Cecile Membership is opening soon! Learn more


Cécile is a fabulous gouache artist! I very much enjoyed this class and look forward to more from her. I learned some great tips about brushes and paper as well as achieving the right consistency and colour mixing. Many thanks Cécile!

Cecille is an excellant instructor. She explains everything very well and gives just enough and not too much instruction. I enjoy all of her classes and look forward to more!

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Cecile Yadro

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