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Gouache cactus class

In this gouache cactus class I will show you different ways to use gouache, I will cover the basics of gouache, the supplies you need and will detail six different styles.  At the end of the class you’ll be able to use this knowledge in different gouache paintings. 

This gouache cactus class is available on my Art School.

The first style can be called realistic, with a lot of fine details. I’ll show you real time how I paint and explain how I mix, later, smudge, texture to achieve a realistic look.

Next we will move to a more stylized look with smaller cacti, and less details. What is interesting is to paint a lot of different pots and leaves. 

The third style is very loose, and we will be painting directly with our brush, without any prior drawing. This is an interesting skill to acquire, and it can be very useful. Then we add a loose outline to achieve this cool effect.

Moving along to style #4 which is on dark background. The values are changing quite a lot when you paint on dark for example, and you have to adjust to get this dramatic effect. We will enhance it with colored pencils, soft pastel or wax pastels.

Style #5 is made with vignettes in  a pastel palette (or a different one if you prefer!), placing carefully our colors to achieve a balanced composition. We will add colored pencil on top to add dynamism.

Last style will be to use gouache as watercolor. Both are water-based medium and gouache can be diluted (almost) like watercolor.

I hope to see you in class join the fun of gouache painting!

What students say about the class:

I loved this class! I very much appreciate Cecile’s pinterest board with reference photos! So many great resources, and I definitely feel more confident in my gouache skills! <3 Thank you, Cecile!

I adored this class, thank you very much. Picked up my first set of gouache today and am thrilled!

I LOVED that class, it was a perfect introduction to paint clouds with gouache, I’m very happy I took it, it built up my confidence a lot! Thank you Cecile!

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