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Essential Gouache Tips You’ll Love

Here are some essential gouache tips you’ll love to help you navigate this versatile medium. To dive deeper into this fascinating world, you’re invited to download a free PDF that’s brimming with 60 gouache tips. I promise you it’s a game-changer! The tips below are an extract from the pdf.

Tip #2: The Magic of Watercolor Pencils
While sketching your composition, try using a watercolor pencil. It sounds simple, but it’s truly transformative. The pencil will blend right into your painting when you go over it with your gouache. No worrying about erasing or leaving pencil lines, just a seamless blend that’ll leave you wondering why you hadn’t tried it sooner.

Tip #8: Freedom of Surface Choice
When painting with gouache, you’re only limited by your imagination. Your creativity can breathe life into any material, from paper, canvas, kraft, and cardboard to wood. Explore the different surfaces on which you can create your artwork and see how each one gives your work a distinct look.

Gouache on wood
Gouache on wood

Tip #12: Gesso—Your Gouache’s Best Friend
You might not have considered it, but adding a layer of gesso (either white or clear) can give your gouache that smooth flow, making your painting experience even more enjoyable. Experiment with this on your next project and feel the difference!

Tip #20: The Importance of Testing Tape
Before you embark on your painting journey, remember this vital step—always test your tape with the paper you’re about to use. It can be really disheartening to complete your masterpiece only to face an issue while removing the tape. A few seconds of testing can save your artwork!

Tip #24: Keep Your Palette Fresh
When opening your gouache tubes, do it away from the palette. Tiny dry flakes from the cap might fall into your fresh mix otherwise. It’s a small step, but your clean, new shades will thank you for it. You don’t want to paint with crumbles inside!

Tip #34: Stock Up on Whites
When it comes to gouache, you’ll find yourself reaching for the whites more often than you think, particularly Zinc and Chinese white. They’re indispensable for color mixing. So invest in large tubes; you’ll be thankful later!

Tip #50: Patience in Drying
Finally, remember to wait for your gouache to dry to see its value truly. The exact color or value can change, so don’t rush to judge a shade. If it doesn’t turn out as you wanted, breathe easy—you can always layer it with another color.

Behind every artist is a series of trial and error, a myriad of discoveries, and heartwarming victories. Each step you take in this artistic journey, no matter how small, brings you closer to the artist you aspire to be. So download the free PDF, delve into the world of gouache, and let your painting come alive!

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