Gouache portrait masterclass

Learn how to paint portraits

with gouache, from A to Z

This course is for all levels, from beginners to advanced

I will guide you through all the process

From knowing the gouache, to drawing the portrait, to color theory, to painting the portrait

Content of the class

  1. Supplies: All the supplies and materials you need, from paint, brushes, paper and more
  2. Gouache painting: techniques for painting with gouache: consistency, textures, gradients, blending, layering, mixing colors, glazing…
  3. Color theory: All you need to know about color theory for portraits: warm and cool colors, shadows, highlights…
  4. Value: Understanding the importance of value with monochromatic portraits
  5. Drawing: Six different ways to draw a portrait accurately. You’ll find a method that suits you between the six I detail in class
  6. Facial features in detail: eye, mouth, nose and ear! Let’s make a lot of exercises to master those individual face parts
  7. Three different styles of portraits, increasing the difficulty as we go. From very stylized, to more realistic, to color crazy. We will make three complete portraits, from start to finish. Including accessories, background, composition…

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What you'll get in class

  1. All the videos, for a total of 6+ hours
  2. Downloadable reference photos and exercises
  3. The complete method from idea to final product
  4. A private Facebook group with all your peers, to share and grow together
  5. A private online meeting with me where I’ll review your art, constructive criticism being the best way to improve your art.

The shooting includes the color palette so you can see exactly how to mix colors. Close ups of technical brushstrokes, colors used in class… For each exercise you’ll get the photo reference, the colors needed, the step by step method on a pdf, plus the video showing everything in detail. 

Full length videos, with each and every brushstroke included, narrative and explanations along the way. 

All you need to achieve your own portrait!

At the end of the class

You will have all the needed tools and techniques so you can find your own style.  

You will be able to paint all the portraits you want with gouache

Fill your name and email to get a $50 discount when the class launches!

Don’t miss your chance for this first edition!

Frequently asked questions

The class is made for all levels, we will cover the basics and increase difficulty along the way

When the class open, you’ll receive a complete and detailed supply list

The class is painted with gouache, but you can as well use acrylic or acrylagouache, which is a matte acrylic. Watercolor and oil painting wouldn’t be suitable though.

The class will be released early September

You can go at your own pace, I suggest you take six weeks to achieve the class, or more as you need! You have a lifetime access to the class, so take your time!

No problem! Just send me an email within 15 days and you’ll get a full refund

100% Satisfaction guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied just send me an email and you'll get your money back within 15 days of your purchase

What's included in class

6 hours video

HD videos with full narration


Written supply list, color lists, instructions, exercise

Reference photos

All the references photos used in class, copyright free

Zoom mentoring

30 mn call one to one where I review your art and guide you to improve your practice

Private group

A private Facebook group to share and grow together

Regular email

To keep you on track, you'll receive regular email with assignments

Meet your instructor

Bonjour! I’m Cecile Yadro, a French artist, both digital and traditional. 

I’ve always been drawing, painting, sewing, quilting, embroidering, anything arts or crafts related. 

I graduated from Art school many years ago, life went in the middle and art was away from me. I got back to art three years ago and am now a full time artist and art teacher.

More than 13 000 students followed my classes so far!

I’m happy to help you grow as a portrait painter!

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