Visiting museums to improve your art is really important!

I was lucky to spend 4 days in Paris recently, museums were opened again after 6 months, so I took my chance to refuel my art! It’s great to see art online, but it’s even better to see it live. You can get your nose close to the painting (well, not too close!) and look at all the details.

Warm and cool colors

This painting is from Laurits Tuxen and represent the painter Peder Severin Krøyer. It’s very large, almost full size. The light reflection on the white costume is just stunning. Notice how the sunny part is very warm, with yellow and orange brushstrokes. Look at the shadow parts, very cool, with grey/blue and greens.

Painting the light

These are paintings by Peder Krøyer. I didn’t know him before this exhibit and it’s a true love for me. I really love how he’s painting the light. Look at the highlight on the forefront on the left, at the highlight on the right side. It’s almost pure white. More, the highlights are made with a very heavy paint paste, the lighter is the color, the thicker is the paint. It’s conter-intuitive for me, but I will certainly try this in my paintings!

Thick highlights

Still Peder Krøyer. On the left is the study for the full painting. The study is very small, about 30 cm and loose, the big one is 134 by 165 cm and much more detailed. The shadows of leaves are just incredible, with a blue background on the napkin and heavy paste of yellow/white paint for the light parts.

Lost and found edges

This was shot in the Louvre, but I didn’t take the name of the painters, sorry for them. I was interested in the skin painting, and especially hard edges, soft edges and lost edges. I’ll never reach this level (not what I want anyway, so I’m fine with it) but can certainly take some techniques to improve my art.

It was really interesting to be able to look closely at paintings from different times, and see how I can integrate some techniques in my art. Visiting museums to improve your art is a game changer!