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Saving family photos with Procreate class

Do you have vintage family photos somewhere in a box you almost forgot about? Some of them are they so damaged you almost don’t dare to touch them? Do you think the next generation should remember the people before us? 

Saving family photos with Procreate class is available here, and you can get 14 days free access on Skillshare with this link!

In this class I will show you how to import your photos in Procreate three different ways. If you don’t have Procreate you can follow along with your favorite software, you’ll do need a drawing app though like Fresco, Photoshop or other. 

Then we will restore damaged photos, from this:

to that:

We can then add color 


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And even drawing on the photo:

At the end we will prepare pages for printing a photo album, Saving family photos with Procreate class is perfect to make a gift!

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Cecile Yadro

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