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Make a travel sketchbook after your trip class

Have you ever tried to draw while traveling with non-drawers ? Do you feel like you’re disturbing them while drawing ?  Did you get frustrated of not fulfilling your sketchbook during your trip ? Then this class is for you.

‘Make a travel sketchbook after your trip’ class is available here. You can get two weeks free access on Skillshare with this link

In this Skillshare class you will learn how to make a travel sketchbook once you’re back home. In this 40 mn class we’ll cover all topics from writing a roadmap of your trip, collecting images, choosing your layout, tools and materials, drawing, inking and adding watercolor. We will discuss about frontpage and cover as well. This class is meant for intermediate and advanced levels as it assumes you have basic skills of sketching and watercolor.

I used watercolor in my sketchbook but you can use whatever medium you like: colored pencils, gouache, acrylic painting, crosshatching…

At the end of the Make a travel sketchbook after your trip class, you’ll have a sketchbook filled with memories that you will treasure for a long time.

What students say about the class

Exactly what I was looking for, I really enjoyed the class. I really liked the idea of creating a resume before you even begin. Thanks Cecile for making it ok to sketch AFTER the trip, I always feel guilty about that! 😉 I look forward to more of your classes.

This is a very nice class with lots of wonderful ideas to help inspire a wonderful travel sketchbook. Lots of details in the class and great instruction. Loved to see the examples. Looking forward to creating a travel sketchbook myself.

I really enjoyed doing this class, Cecile inspired me to try do my own travel sketchbook next time I come back. She’s got a very warm and kind personality and gentle voice which made me feel I know her and can trust her. Plus, she obviously is amazing at what she does, her art is beautiful and I can’t wait to get started on my own project. Thank you Cecile! Warm wishes, Eva

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