Do you know how to mix your colors? Of course you can buy ready made tubes, and it’s fine too! But knowing how to mix your exact color is really cool!⁠
I’ve always been told that with primary colors you can mix pretty much any color (almost I would say) being red, yellow, blue and white. ⁠
The truth is that depending on your primaries you’ll get very different color palettes.⁠

This is a palette I discovered recently: Titanium white, lemon yellow, opera pink and Payne’s grey, which is a blue grey actually, so it will make the primary blue here. As you see, I’m not married to a particular brand!⁠

Let’s see what kind of colors we can mix with these⁠
This is in a random order, I was just filling my little samples when painting, so some are quite thin and transparent. I just wanted to show you the range of colors you can get! Some are very unexpected like greens⁠
A painting made with these primaries, except for the background, I placed a wash of watercolor blue under my pure Payne’s Grey⁠

This is now my favorite color palette, so versatile!⁠