I think this is the question I get the most: how do you make skin tones?

First, I’ll talk about light skins, and will make another post with darker skins.

Of course, skin is made with a lot of different colors, and the lighting conditions can dramatically change the colors. The reflected colors of the environment have also a great importance.

Soooo, it’s almost impossible to have a general rule for this!

Some examples though, to show you the great variation you can get in a light skin tone:

Talking about mixing colors with paint, here are the colors I use to mix all skin tones, just varying the proportions of each one:

Yellow ochre, and sometimes a hint of lemon yellow

Red, I may vary the reds I use

Cobalt blue

Burnt umber

Zinc white, I keep the titanium white for highlights

Disclaimer: of course, I don’t pretend to know everything, far from it, this is just the way I do it.