Gouache light skin tones class

Gouache light skin tones class is available here, and you can get a 14 days free access on Skillshare with this link!

In this class we will paint two characters, full body, on a white background. I want the focus to be on skin tones, this is why there is no background. 

I will explain how to select a reference photo, either on the Pinterest board here, or on Google images, or in your personal collection.

Then we will draw from this reference photo, and I’ll show you how to draw and be accurate with your drawing, for this we will need a camera (smartphone or Ipad) and either an app like Procreate or Photoshop, and if you don’t have it, no problem, I’ll show you how to use your smartphone and a free app. 

Before painting, we will make swatches of skin tones and extract the colors from the reference photo. 

Then it will be time for painting, one image will be fully detailed, and the other one a bit faster. You’re welcome to follow either one or both, as you prefer, but if you choose to follow one, it should be the first one so you’ll get the full explanation. 

You’ll find the reference photos in the resource section, as well as the swatches of colors from each photo