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Gouache flowery shoes class

I love painting flowery shoes, these are my most popular posts on Instagram, and due to popular demand, here is the class to paint yours!  The class is accessible to all levels, I will detail step by step instructions. 

Gouache flowery shoes class is available on Skillshare you can get a 14 days free access to Skillshare, if you’re not already a member with this link.

First we will sketch the drawing, you can draw directly or trace, as shown in class. I’ve taken some reference photos for you, they are in the resource section. These are copyright free photos, I’ve labeled the one used in class as ‘the good one’. If you want more inspiration, you can visit the Pinterest board where I have gathered photos, that are not copyright free, so keep them for your personal use.

Then we will paint the background, and I will give you different examples of the backgrounds you can make. Then we will paint the legs

And finally the flowers!

I hope you’ll have fun painting this with me!


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Gouache flowery shoes class for a fun project with gouache!

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