Gouache Christmas wreath class

Gouache Christmas wreath class is available on  Skillshare

This class is the perfect excuse to learn gouache while making a finished project that you can use for decorating home for the next Holiday.

In this class I will show you how to paint a Christmas wreath with gouache and gold leaf. Gold leaf is a pure beauty, but if you don’t like it you can skip this part, but it’s really worth a try. 

I will detail the materials and supplies needed

Then we will paint each item of the wreath separately and I’ll show you in detail how to do this. If you are an experienced painter maybe this part is optional. 

I will show you how to apply gold leaf on your gouache painting to achieve a very Christmas look  

You can find a ton of inspiration on Google images or Pinterest to decide what you want to include in your wreath. For this we will make composition sketches


Then we will make a detailed sketch for our wreath and paint it.

Gouache Christmas wreath class, perfect for your Christmas decoration!