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Digital painting a la Klimt

In this class I will show you how to make a digital painting à la Klimt, meaning that we are not copying by be inspired by Klimt. This class is made for intermediate level, as we will have some drawing involved, but not too complicated. I will explain the specifics of Procreate along the class. 

Digital painting à la Klimt class is available on Skillshare here, and you can get a 14 days free access if you’re not already a member.

I will briefly show the different styles of Klimt, and explain what is style, and what elements we’ll be using to make our own painting.

I’ll be using Procreate in class, but you’re welcome to follow along with your favorite app. I enclose in the resource section a folder of brushes, and a color palette as inspiration to work from. 

I have gathered inspiration in a Pinterest board for you so you can choose you own inspiration photo, or follow along with me on the photo I chose. 

First this first : the drawing, we will choose a pose, hair style, select patterns and prints to incorporate in the dress and the background.

Then we will refine our drawing, and it will be time to add colors and textures. We will use gold foil photos to give the sparkling effect from Klimt’s real gold. 

I will explain in detail the way of thinking, how to mix different inspirations, how to twist colors…

At the end of the class you’ll be able to make your own Klimt style digital painting, understanding what makes this style so recognizable. 

What students say about the class:

Carol made a blog post about the class.

I love Klimt so was just blown away to be able to take a class to help me create art in a similar style. I learned so much and plan to make several other pieces using same style.

Cecilé, you are a wonderful teacher and this Klimt class gets a huge golden (off course!) medal from me!

It was a great adventure 🙂 Many tips, techniques, examples and beautiful painting of Gustav Klimt. I’ve made my own ‘Blue lady’ and I like it! Greetings from Poland and see you in the another lessons.

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