After light skin tones, second part of: how do you make skin tones?

This post is about dark skins. I love dark skins, you can really have a wide range of colors inside, and you can push the reflections and shadows!

Some examples, to show you the great variation you can get in a dark skin tone, swipe to see:

I went a bit crazy here with the background, deep turquoise, so I dared to add blue reflections on the skin, as well as burgundy. 

I was quite in the same hues here, with a variation of browns, more or less pink/orange

This is watercolor, not my favorite medium, so bear with me with the colors. Shadows are blueish, cool colors to enhance the lit part of the face

Love this one! Lots to light colors as the face was fully lit, some warm browns for the shadows

I love the warmth of this skin made with browns and beiges

It can be a challenge to paint sometimes, depending on the light, but it’s always fun!

Disclaimer: of course, I don’t pretend to know everything, far from it, this is just the way I do it.