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Create and paint your own gouache landscape

In this course I will teach you how to create and draw your own landscape, and paint it with gouache. Create and paint your own gouache landscape class is available on Skillshare, and you can get a 14 days free trial with the link.

After my first class ‘Gouache landscape for beginners‘, I wanted to go a bit further.

The first thing is to decide what we want to express with our painting, then go for a theme.

Two themes, thus two paintings, will be developed in class: a mysterious forest, expressing the overwhelming nature, the small human in there and a sunny landscape, expressing how nature is great and bigger than us. This is the same feeling, but expressed in two different types of paintings.


We will draw some little sketches from inspiration photos, from which we will draw bigger sketches and chose a composition.

Then we will draw a more detailed drawing that we’ll use to paint.

And finally, the painting. I’ll be using gouache in class, but you can follow along with acrylic or oil if you prefer, even digital!

This course is very versatile, you can either:

– learn how to sketch and make your own composition

– learn how to paint a landscape with gouache, including textures

– paint only one landscape,

– paint both, I include the drawings of the two paintings so you can paint directly if you don’t want to sketch your composition

– or all of it!

I hope you’ll like this class as much as I enjoyed making it,

Happy painting!

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