Comic style journal class with Procreate

In this class I will show you step by step how to do a comic style journal in Procreate, and if you use Photoshop it’s the same process, just adjust accordingly. Comic style journal class with Procreate. The class is available here on Skillshare and you can get 14 days free access to Skillshare with this link

What are the benefits of keeping a daily journal ? (Or almost daily!)   You can have different goals: documenting your life, keeping track of moments you lived, take a break in hectic days, meditate, having fun… for me it’s a bit of all this, and I really enjoy looking back at those past days.

We will browse through:

– benefits of journaling, and why

– getting started, setting canvas, importing brushes and palette

– thinking of content


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– drawing frames in two different ways

– sketching, inking

– adding watercolor, with a free brush and a smudge brush included, as well as my color palette

– finishing touches : texture, reflections, details, blotches

– I have also included the complete time lapse video of the drawing

Each step is detailed so you can achieve this easily, no matter what previous skills you have with Procreate. Basic drawing skills are handy though.

I hope you will enjoy this class as much as I enjoyed doing it!

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