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Colorful houses with Procreate class

In this class I will show you to give different moods and colors to one single drawing. We will use Procreate 5 in class, and you’re welcome to use your favorite drawing app to follow along. Instructions will be detailed so you don’t need to have a prior deep knowledge of Procreate. 

Colorful houses with Procreate class is available on Skillshare here, and you can get a 14 days free access if you’re not already a member.

You can work either from reference photos, I have gathered for you a Pinterest board with copyright free images, or you can work from imagination, or mix reference photo and imagination. All images in the Pinterest board are from Unsplash or Pixabay and you can follow the original link to find the photographer  

Once we have our final drawing, we will fill shapes to have a master drawing that we will tweak in different colors. 

I will talk abut color saturation, and different moods you can achieve with colors. 
I have provided a color palette as a basis as well as a set of brushes, you can find them in the resource section (available from a laptop or a browser)

We will be playing with different brushes, you know the ones you have in Procreate and barely use ? I’ve gathered a bunch of the native brushes as well as personal ones so you can have everything handy to make the foliage part of the paintings. 

At the end of Colorful houses with Procreate class you’ll master alpha channel, clipping mask and more functions in Procreate that will help you in your digital paintings, and you’ll be able to express different moods from one single drawing. 

What students say about the class:

This was my first class using Procreate. I wondered if it would be too advanced for me (as a beginner) but the instructor breaks down the steps and gives lots of resources. I will take more of her classes! Thank you Cecile!

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