I make a lot of experiments, trials and errors, and it’s part of my art journey. I like searching and trying new things.

Sometimes it doesn’t go very well… and I have to erase and try again. I’m using water mixable oil paintings, I work with it like traditional oil, using the same solvents and mediums. The only difference is when it comes to cleaning: brushes, palette, and even wood panels!

This painting was ugly, I tried to fix it several times, but was just getting things worse. On the other hand, it’s a wood panel, with three coats of primer. So it’s a shame to waste it, isn’t it? As my paint was still fresh, about two weeks for the first brushstrokes, I placed it in my sink and just rubbed it with tap water. Works fine! It’s just the ochre that is leaving a residue, but I’ll place another layer of primer and it will be ready to go!