5Days challenge

Brushpen magic class

Do you have brushpen sitting somewhere, you bought them a while ago and you barely use them? Do you feel like you could you them differently? Or do you want to have fun? If you answered yes then this class is for you. No particular drawing skills required here, just some brushpen and time for playing.

The class is available here, and you can get two weeks free access on Skillshare with this link!

This class is dedicated to brushpen and all you can do with it: lettering, painting, watercolor, drawing, mixed media, background and more!

We will talk about the different brands, different type of papers suitable.

I will show you different ways to use your brushpen, directly on paper or using a plastic ‘palette’

We will discuss about mixing brushpen with other art tools then I will show you three projects step by step:


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Loose flowers, country style

A sunset landscape

And a mixed media page with brushpen, gesso and gouache

And last but not least I will show you a ton of inspiration from other artists to fuel your creativity.

See you in class!

What students say about the class

Now I know what to do with all the brush pens I have collected. Thanks for sharing ideas and techniques!

5Days challenge

This was a wonderful class to take to start using your brush pens to their full potential. Easy, yet lovely projects to inspire you to put your brush pens to that paper! I can hardily reccomend this class.

This class inspire my work and teach me a new technique , thanks!

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Cecile Yadro

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